Otago Polytechnic

Life is about to get even busier for Otago Polytechnic graduate Liz Rowe.

A former Dunedin School of Art student who specialised in sculpture, Liz has turned her creativity to chocolate-making in recent years, establishing the Otago Chocolate Company (Ocho) in Dunedin.

Based in Vogel Street, the company has just been bought out as part of Dunedin’s "Own the Factory'' PledgeMe campaign, which has raised $2 million -- in 32 hours! -- to expand operations.

Liz has been appointed general manager of the company, and her first task will be ordering new equipment from Italy to enable an increase in production from 90kg of chocolate a week to a maximum of 200kg a day.

Read more about Liz and her Otago Chocolate Company here.

Published on 15 November 2017

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