Otago Polytechnic

Get a scholarship to go on Outward Bound!

If you are 18-27, a volunteer, involved in a not-for-profit organisation or you just help out in your community you could get a scholarship to do the Outward Bound 21-day Classic.

Courses run:

30 July - 19 August
27 August - 16 September

Find out more here.

Fulbright funding 

Fulbright NZ has had its core funding doubled. This will come into effect for this year's applicants, applying in 2018 for travel to the US in 2019. Applicants for the NZ Graduate Awards should apply by 1 August, 2018.

Soft plastics recycling!

Drop off your recycling at the new soft plastics recycling bin in the Hub.

Click here to see a full list of the plastics you can recycle.

2018 Student Council Meetings

Otago Polytechnic is here for our students. So it’s important to us that your views inform our decisions and future directions.

Find out more details from our Facebook group >

Room availability

Computer Labs:

A Block
A126 free for rest of day
24 spots currently free
D Block
D103 free for rest of day
9 spots currently free
D105 free for rest of day
33 spots currently free
D201 free for rest of day
17 spots currently free
D202 free for rest of day
24 spots currently free
H Block
H611 free for rest of day
24 spots currently free
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