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The process of transition occurs throughout life for every human being. Transition is thought of as the psychological adaptation process that is undergone in response to a significant event occurring or the psychological reorientation people go through to incorporate change into their lives.

This 50 minute presentation from Penelope Kinney will start with the key learning and framework she developed in her PhD research, with regard to the specific transition of moving from hospital to the community within forensic psychiatric services.

Penelope will then look more broadly at the concept of transition and how organisational transitions can be managed and processed. Potential outcomes of transition, including, resilience, wellbeing and transition shock will be explored. The participants will also explore a range of frameworks which may be useful when considering transition both within organisational transition and for those entering tertiary level education.

The audience will be encouraged to ask questions and to explore their own transitions and identify what helped and hindered these in the past and what may help in the future.

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Published on 6 Nov 2018

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Date Time Location Facilitator
Friday, 16 November 2018 12:10pm ~12:50pm G106 + Skype Penelope Kinney